Saturday, March 28, 2009

last archie blog...i promise

well, after a few withdrawl issues, i am ready to face the world again. this past week has been ah-may-zeeng!! i have had so much fun with lindsey and the girls and of course, david archuleta!! last night's concert at the e-center was pretty indescribable (sp?) since it was his last show on his first solo tour and a hometown show to boot, it was the best concert i have ever been to!! sorry about the archu-babble, but seriously...he's awesome!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

2 concerts down...ONE TO GO!!!

It has been a whirlwind of fun going from Boise (last Saturday and Sunday) to St. George (Monday through Wednesday) It's like 20 hours of driving in only 5 days but me and Lindsey still were jabbering away by the end of the trip. These David Archuleta concerts have been so much more than we expected. THEY WERE AWESOME!!! The Salt Lake concert is going to be cRaZy too! I am taking Annie to that one. So much fun!

Friday, March 20, 2009

rOaD tRiP!.!.!.

Well, we're getting packed up to hit the road! We're leaving for Boise super early tomorrow morning so we have enough time to stand in line at the Knitting Factory for our front row seats (hopefully...) We spent about 30 bucks on junk food, are buying "Twilight" for the car ride there and are DYING of excitement for the concert! We'll come home Sunday and then turn right around and leave for St. George early Monday morning to hit the concert there. And THEN...we still have the concert at the E-Center. This is gonna be the best week EVER!!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

March MADNESS (Zach style) !!!

So this is how Steve and Zach fill out their brackets.

Steve: So Zach, who would win...a Bison (North Dakota State) or a Jayhawk (Kansas)?
Zach: A Jayhawk because he would just poop on that buffalo and then also poke his eyes out with his beak.

Steve: What about a Moccasin (Chatanooga) or a Husky (Connecticut)?
***by the way, it would be a #16 seed upsetting a #1 seed...never gonna happen***
Zach: The snake would just wrap around the dogs neck and choke him.

We found out that Duke beats everyone, since they just poke everyone with the big pitchfork...and he can't vote for the Zips (Akron) because they score zip points.
I love the reasoning here---it makes basketball way more interesting to watch, doesn't it?

Friday, March 13, 2009

Barney and Crazy Hair!

Yeah--weird post title but look at the pictures and you'll understand. Taylor found a fun new show--looks like we have a new Barney lover in the family. He thinks he is HILARIOUS and it's about the only thing he'll sit and watch for more than 30 seconds. He only watches for a few minutes at a time and the volume has to be SUPER LOW or I'll go nuts, but there ya go.

Today is "crazy hair" day at school and Annie and Zach went nuts with the blue spray on hair stuff--why do kids like having such weird stuff done to their hair???

Monday, March 9, 2009

the score is in and...

...i got a "B" on my History of Civ mid-term this morning. steve has helped me so much with studying for the map section--he's a fountain of knowledge!!! the kids were super supportive and were all happy to know that their mom might just be a little smart after all. bring on the cold war!!!

goin' CrUiSiN...

We told the kids tonight that we are planning a cruise for Christmas. For Family Home Evening we each had them (without the others knowing) look up scripture stories like Jonah and the Whale, Nephi building a boat, Jesus calming the waters and Noah and the Ark. They drew pictures and afterwards,

Steve said that all of those stories had something more than "faith" in common...they all had to do with water. Then he showed our pictures which was the big chocolate cake with CRUISE written out with whoppers. The kids (and the PARENTS) are super excited!!!

Saturday, March 7, 2009


We had a nice time as a family touring the new Draper Temple this afternoon. Saturday afternoon=SERIOUSLY long lines, but it was worth it. Embarrassing to admit, but Zach's favorite part of the day was the 6 minute bus ride to and from the temple from the Church parking lot--and the cookies at the end took a close second. Taylor did really well for the first part of the tour (sleeping through the bus ride too...) but got a case of the "fidgets" in the sealing room and was definitely ready to go home!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

as promised...

...things are much better today than the last post. i ran 3 miles in the SEVERE wind (check out my pony tail!!!) with taylor this morning and actually loved it...west jordan finally found our garbage cans (someone down the street who had just moved in figured they'd just steal ours--the police are going to their house today!), i can finally find the west indies and the ottoman empire on my world map so my re-test saturday should be better and lindsey and i just bought tickets to see david archuleta in salt lake city (boise in 3 weeks, s.l. in 4!!!) is good!