Monday, September 26, 2011

a fun post FULL of pictures...

Alex went to Homecoming last Saturday. How good of a job did Maceys do on Shaylie's corsage? Can you see the cute teal jewels on it? And how snazzy does Alex look...seriously?!?

Zach got to come with me and Steve to the BYU/UCF game last Friday. He is such a good boy and we had SO MUCH FUN (especially because BYU won...)

Megan is still loving cheer. For Homecoming the cheerleaders got their lockers decorated. Cute, huh? Taylor can ALMOST do the CH with his fingers...

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Introducing...the Brite Stars Day School kids!

Every month the Brite Stars kids get to go on a fieldtrip. Today we went to Thanksgiving Point Childrens Discovery Gardens. It was such a beautiful day and the kids had so much fun! They had story time and made crafts, played in the sand, floated boats down the little river and even got to play in the pool by the big boat! It was fun to see Taylor playing with his new friends.

Monday, September 12, 2011

A Quick Down-and-Back to St. George

On the spur of the moment last Wednesday, we made a decision to go to St. George for the weekend. We left on Friday and came home Sunday, but what a fun weekend trip to Utah's Dixie. We squeezed SO MUCH IN! Shopping, hiking, eating out, the waterway splash park, swimming in Grandma and Grandpa's pool, scenic ancestry square and even watched a BYU (loss...) game. Alex had to work and stayed with Col and Carrie, so he'll have to do the next down-and-back with us.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

missing my baby Taylor...

Oh geez...Taylor started in a little neighborhood pre-school yesterday. There are 7 kids so each mom only teaches one week (just Tuesday and Thursday) every 7 weeks. It is called "Brite Stars Day School" and he is absolutely loving it! He gets his own backpack, scissors, t-shirt and feels like such a big boy leaving for school. "Just like the guys..." (meaning the older kids)...he tells me. They will go on one field trip a month and have parties and even a graduation in May. I'm not gonna lie---it's a little hard for me having him race into pre-school. I do get 2 hours by myself but haven't quite figured out if I like it or not. I love my big boy Taylor, but kinda miss baby Taylor too.

How much TALLER is he than the other kids? He's not the oldest one in the group, but he sure looks it!!!

Love my Tay Tay!

Monday, September 5, 2011

HOMECOMING (he asked...she said...)

Last week, Alex asked cute Shaylie to Homecoming using 3 wind up alarm clocks. We went to her room and hid all 3 clocks that were set to go off at midnight (she said she could hear ticking but didn't know what it was, so she just went to sleep). At midnight, all 3 clocks went off and she had to find where they were hidden in her room and find the message on each one. Don't worry...she'll get even (see the "answer" pictures below...)

Her answer came tonight in true "U" fanatic fashion...

What a cute answer from a cute girl!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

another "what the HECK" night...

My wonderfully fanatic BYU football-y husband entered us into a drawing for tickets to the Bronco Mendenhall show last night. How much fun was it to be escorted up in the elevator to the President's loge where there were only about 50 people or so there to watch the show!!! We got a lot of KSL swag and had so much fun listening to Coach Mendenhall, Coach Reynolds and his boys, and Greg Wrubell who is just about the smartest BYU guy there is. Thanks for being such a crazy fan, Steve!!!