Saturday, June 19, 2010

i adore my family!!!

haircuts out on the deck...always an adventure!!!

zach has loved flying his eagle kite with all of this wind!!!

zach was a perfect "pledge leader" at alex's eagle court of honor

best friends and sisters at oakcrest

ready to run a 5k race together

here is my cute alex all ready to go to work---ab's is lucky to have him!!!

i had a day off of teaching last week so i took the little boys on the trax train down to the gateway discovery museum in salt lake they loved it!!!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

eagle scout court of honor

practically perfect day in every way!!!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

shhhh...don't tell annie!!!

annie and megan are at oakcrest this week. we found out a couple of months ago that david archuleta was doing a book signing at the brand new slc deseret book. needless to say, annie was a little sad about not being able to get his autograph (although she already has two...) SO.....steve and i spent all morning yesterday up in salt lake waiting in line to get david archuleta to sign his new book. we asked him to put "To: Annie" in it and he did. he sang a couple of songs--we got there pretty early in the morning so we had a pretty great spot to hear him sing. it was at the downtown deseret book which sits right across from temple square. david archuleta even mentioned that he had never had such a pretty background to sing in front of before. perfect weather, perfect company and a perfect idol!!! sigh.