Tuesday, October 28, 2008

happy birthday dear lindsey.....

27 years ago (hope you don't mind me spilling the beans about your age...) I got the best gift of my 8 year old life. A real live doll to play with! I dressed her, waited FOREVER for her to have enough hair to play with and absolutely loved her. Her name is Lindsey and I still consider her one of the best gifts my parents have ever given me! In a family of 6 boys, I was (and of course, still am) so happy to have a sister. I love her and am glad that she chooses to be my friend too. Have a happy birthday, Lindsey Badinzey (how in the world do you spell that?)! Love you!!!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

everything you ever wanted to know about steve...

HuSbAnD tAg!.!.!.!.!

1.Where did you two meet? At the BYU Cannon Cafeteria at Helaman Halls. His dad is a friend of my Uncle Mel and hired me as a hostess and I met Steve soon after.
2. How long did you date before you got married? Officially 3 dates, BUT we worked 40 hours a week with eachother for 3 months.
3.How long have you been married? We were married February 13, 1993, so a little over 15 and a half years.
4.What does he do to surprise you? I love when I find all of the clothes folded. I'll do it, but it is SO MUCH NICER when he folds for me.
5.Favorite feature about him? I love his little underbite. His parents said that when he was a senior, he could have his jaw broken and re-aligned but he decided not to. I'm glad---I think he's cute!!
6.Favorite quality about him? Steve is an exceptionally hard worker. You would have to be to get up for the past 10 years of your life at 3:30 every morning to go fry donuts!
7.Does he have a nick name for you? I mostly get called "G"--very rarely anything else.
8. What is his favorite color? Cougar Blue (is there really any question?)
9.What is his favorite food? He loves Chinese food, not so much the vegetable part, but Mexican food is pretty high up there too.
10.What is his favorite sport? He likes watching football, and likes playing golf with my family.
11.Who said i love you first? I am pretty sure it was him--but I honestly don't remember. It might have been after one of our marathon dates. I was living at home while going to BYU so we'd drive up from Provo on Friday after our classes, spend the whole weekend together (with Steve sleeping on the futon) and then drive up Monday morning for our first class. Fun times!!!
12.When and where was your first kiss? At my house, outside on the deck that Grandad built. Steve had never kissed anyone before and was so polite about asking if it would be okay. After getting a serious case of the giggles, we had our first kiss (and a couple more too...)
13.Favorite thing to do as a couple? We have a few shows we are married to--The Office, American Idol and Lost and we always TiVo them so we can watch them together. We also LOVE going to BYU football games together.
14.Whats a hidden talent that he has? Steve is a juggler--he can juggle just about anything you throw at him. Just make sure you warn him first!
15.Where was your first date? We knew so much about eachother just from working so closely together that our first date was kinda scary. We needed to know that we liked eachother out of the cafeteria. We went to a dollar movie in Provo and saw
"Housesitter" with Goldie Hawn and Steve Martin. It was so funny and we ended up talking and talking afterwards.
16.How did he propose? After a REALLY late BYU/Hawaii football game in October, we just started talking about what it'd be like to be married. What temple we would get married in, where we would live, how many kids we'd have etc. At the time it felt all hypothetical. I remember going to teach my Sunbeam class the next morning and actually realizing that I had probably just gotten engaged! A few weeks later BYU had a dance and Steve gave me a beautiful pearl ring to wear while he saved for a diamond. I got an engagement ring the night before Christmas 1992.
17.What do you most admire most about him? His dedication to our family. We are who we are because of him. He keeps us in stitches and is such a good dad to the kids and such a fantastic husband to me. I love him with all of my heart and am so blessed to know that I am sealed to him forever. LOVE YOU BABY!!!

**Just like Lindsey did, I 'd love to tag all of my other sisters--but why stop there? Anyone who wants to give props to their husbands, go for it!!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

carvin' those pumpkins

As Halloween approaches, we realized that we hadn't gievn faces to our pumpkins yet so last night Steve and the kids scooped, carved, and then took out the stinky guts to the garbage all in time for me to see the cute jack-o-lanterns when I was done teaching. Each kid sketched out what they wanted their pumpkin to look like so they were really individual. Fun stuff!!!

Friday, October 17, 2008


If there has EVER been a doubt about our loyalty to to the "Y", check out our family Halloween picture this year. A little fanatic? Yeah--but SO MUCH FUN!!!

Sunday, October 12, 2008


We spent the entire day down in Provo yesterday watching the BYU Homecoming parade, eating out with the kids, then heading to the BYU/UNM game. It was FrEeZiNg....but so so so much fun! The kids loved the parade. Steve and I think it's fun that it has such a "hometown" feel to it. Every single club (juggling,sailing etc.) was represented in the parade and the candy was definitely plentiful. It was just the absolute perfect day spent with our family.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

married to a good man

I love Steve...plain and simple. He does so much for our family and is the best dad ever! This afternoon (on his day off) he decided to do a little yardwork and to make my afternoon easier, strapped Taylor on for the ride. He's already mowed, got the oil changed in my van, moved a few loads of laundry along and is outside weed-eating as I write this...AFTER getting up at 3:30 this morning to do Macey's. What a good man I am married to!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Halloween Pictures '08

It's our annual Halloween picture and this year we went as FANATIC FANS!!! It wasn't hard to gather up all of our BYU gear but it was a little embarrassing walking through the entire store to get to the portrait studio. It's just a dang good thing that BYU won Utah State last night!!! We'll have the "official" pictures to post in a couple of weeks.

Friday, October 3, 2008

just a random post on a Friday morning

Fun stuff--today is "decade" day at the middle school. Alex is a bona fide hippie and Megan is an 80's chick ( OH THE HAIR!!!) Annie and Zach are waiting by the front door for Gramps to come take them to school and Taylor is definitely ready for his morning bath. All is well in la casa de los Larsen.