Saturday, July 24, 2010

not that ANYONE cares but...

i guess i will keep posting every once in a while. it seems like it's just for us, more than anyone, but here are some fun pictures of the past couple of weeks.

we walked up to zach's new school today. he is super excited to start 3rd grade on monday. it'll be quite a bit harder for me knowing that gramps isn't there to help him, but i guess that's life, right?

steve took the kids to the bingham copper mine last week. taylor was in HeAvEn!!!

zach LOVED his first experience at scout day camp! i see a happy, cute little boy in this picture with a humongous underbite which (knowing what we know about orthodontia now....) is going to an even more fun experience to fix!!!

taylor loves his glow sticks so much that he fell asleep with them clutched firmly in his dirty little hand!!!