Friday, November 9, 2012

1st snow!!! (and it's a DOOZY!!!)

The 2 little boys just kept asking and asking and asking to go sled down the hill. I gave in and now an hour later I have a crying little Taylor in the shower just shivering away. He's in there saying, "My hands are on FIRE!" Maybe I'll stick to my "NO" response next time...

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

little bit of this...little bit of that...

i love downloading pictures from my phone. i forget about a lot of the daily things that happen so it's fun to see them and put them on this blog. here's another mish-mash of pictures. this first one sums up taylor's every afternoon. yeah...that's how he rolls...falling asleep watching steve's ipod.
we loved visiting steve at eBay for his halloween party...showed us his tote-tray and everything!
megan asked a cute SBO to sadies and although it took a WEEK AND A HALF TO cute is this? she's so much braver than i ever was.
officially started on alex's missionary paperwork. i wonder if it will get easier for me sometime soon because right now it's breaking my heart!
megan and tasi---homecoming. love this girl more and more every day!
annie and steve went to the byu "blackout" game against oregon state. tough loss but they loved spending daddy/daughter time together!
its hard to think these little zombies are scary when they are just so darn cute!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Scarecrow Festival

We loved going to West Ridge Academy today and enjoyed the fall weather SO much! The little boys, as you can tell from the pictures, went crazy for the activities and me??? I just loved spending time with 5 of my most favorite kids in the world! (...and the wonderful fact that everything was FREE!)
Riding the train
Doesn't TOWER OF TERROR just sound scary?
Who knew Zach was such an awesome rock climber?
Face painting

Saturday, October 13, 2012

CHHS Homecoming 2012

I'm actually getting this post up quick! Megan and Tasi had their Homecoming date tonight. Oh, what a pretty daughter I have. Off for a day date to Boondocks.
Lindsey and her magic fingers work wonders!
Such an example of a pretty, modest young woman.
Off to the dance...Megan and Tasi
Justin, Kilee, Tasi and Megan

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

General Conference October 2012

So, Alex is now preparing at age 18 to go serve the Lord. It will probably push his mission up a few months. I am so excited for him and so proud to see how happy he is. Taylor got a little bored between sessions so Steve brought out the new dishwasher's box and we set him up his own restaurant. He has a cash register inside it and everything. And the last picture on this blog...just a reminder to always, always, always check and then check again before slamming the van door!

Monday, October 1, 2012

pictures from my phone

What you get this post is a brief description of some random pictures from my phone. Ready?
Another Larsen in braces...Zach got his uppers on today. What a cute kid!
Taylor could watch BYU clips all day on the computer...
Donuts and Books at the Elementary School with the boys.
Loving my kids!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Megan's good news

This time of year is SO much fun...Megan has hoped so very badly that someone would ask her to Homecoming this year. Turns out a cute little boy that she's known since Middle School did! We went last night and found her a we wait until October 13th...what a lucky little girl!!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

BYU vs. Weber State 2012

We have 2 season tickets for the BYU games and were able to score 3 more so everyone else (that could) could go as well. I am TOO hot and TOO pregnant to enjoy an afternoon game so I opted out and just by luck of the draw, Megan had to work, so she had to miss it too. She's already been to one game this season and will get to go to the next one. So today's attendees were Steve, Annie and the boys. They loved it---especially the win!
PERFECT day for a BYU football game

eating with grandpa and grandma in the tent pre-game

love sitting with gramps on the 50 yard line

the loooooooong walk back up to the van

looking good Zach...

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

pretty much summing up August...

There are so many excuses of why I haven't blogged in forever...the stifling heat, pregnant fatigue, new computer, but what it boils down to is probably laziness. Here are some fun pictures of our August activities.

Megan and I missed out on this tasty Cougar Tail!

Did she really kiss a cardboard cutout? Such devotion!!!

Crazy loud afternoon at Boondocks---once a year is definitely enough!

My cute 5th grader

Just as Annie is getting her braces off, Zach starts his "NO PAYNE, NO GAIN!"

So pretty before...

and so pretty after!

Dangit...his FIRST cavity!!!