Friday, January 29, 2010

some happenings

just getting some pictures off of the camera and this is what i found...

it was so fun to have mom's birthday lunch at ruby tuesday's!

i love my mom and dad!!

tay likes to sit on his special blanket and have a little snack while i am on the computer.

do you not just want to give taylor a big hug and kiss? here he is ready to go to church.

grandad and mom making yummy ice cream sundaes on new year's eve

zachary loved the new year's eve party we had at grandad's clubhouse!

i am a horrible blogger during these cold winter months...there is just nothing to take pictures of and it's too cold to sit at the i guess this is it for now!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

january blahs....

yuck, right? this is bar none (except for maybe march) my least favorite time of year. so i decided to put up some random pictures that have nothing to do with anything, just because...

between having rsv, swallowing a little earring and getting tubes in his ears, taylor had a rough first few months of life!!!

did you actually think you'd make it through a larsen post without hearing about david archuleta....come on!!

oh, how i wish it was fall again!

how cute are the boys???

the kids decorated their own pumpkins 2008

so glad annie isn't sick anymore!!!

alex and john beck...he's like a celebrity in this house!!!

at that legacy museum thingy they have at byu

alex 2006

annie and megan 2006

my friend gretchen from aerobics took our family pictures at gardner village this past summer.

we LOVE having our basement finished!!!

taylor used to be so little...

2 best friends (waiting for the shuttle to the cruise boat)

our little family (how were we a family without taylor?) at disneyland 2006